Saturday, 18 May 2013

#BakeBrave for World Baking Day - Rustic Nut Tart

I've been looking forward to World Baking Day for months so I couldn't restrict myself to baking only on Sunday 19th May and only one of the 100 recipes, I have baked many of the recipes over the last few weeks.

One of my favourite bakes has been the Rustic Nut Tart which is a recipe from an amateur baker in South Africa, Monique Davies. This was brave for me as it was my first ever tart and I am not confident baking pastry. It was also my first time toasting nuts, normally I would just skip that step but never again as they were so much more delicious.

As often happens in baking, the thing I thought would be difficult turned out to be relatively simple. I found the pastry quick and easy to make. I do however recommend that you are careful when baking the pastry, the sides started to brown in the blind bake so I covered them with foil to stop them from burning.

I didn't have any bourbon in the house so skipped that step, I'm not a big fan of boozy baking and I think the final tart was delicious enough without it.

Why not have a go at baking it yourself and see what you think? You can find the recipe on the World Baking Day website.

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