Sunday, 13 April 2014

Easter Baking

Easter is a great time for baking. I've not decided what I'm going to bake for the weekend yet but here's some of my favourite Easter themed bakes from the last few weeks:

Chocolate bundt cake / egg nest
I made this bundt using my favourite Chocolate Guinness Cake recipe. I think it looks a bit like a nest so filled it with my favourites Cadbury's creme eggs.

Hidden inside Easter egg cake
I baked a plain sponge, coloured it and cut out egg shaped using a cookie cutter, I then baked the cake shapes inside another plain sponge to create a hidden inside cake. 

Apple, cinnamon and sultana hot cross buns
These don't look that pretty but they tasted really really good, I loved the addition of apple and cinnamon. 

And from a couple of years ago, some Easter cupcakes.

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