Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Cocoa Box Cupcake Decoration Class

This Sunday I went to the Thistle Hotel in London and took a cupcake decoration class run by The Cocoa Box. I've never done any sugarcraft before but they showed us how to make a bow, an ice cream and a cupcake from sugarpaste. It was great fun and so easy to do, just like playing with plasticine.

I also learnt the best techniques for using fondant icing, buttercream and cream cheese icing so I'll be playing around with these over the next few weeks.

They also gave us some great tips, like when you're using fondant icing a flat cake is ideal and the best way to get a flat top is to use margarine instead of butter.

The Cocoa Box have their own blog too so check them out for some great recipes http://thecocoaboxblog.blogspot.co.uk/.

Check out some more photos from the workshop:

my cute jubilee heart cupcake

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