Sunday, 6 November 2011

Christmas baking workshop

Today I went to a Christmas baking workshop at You Make A Cake in Wandsworth, London.

We made carrot cupcakes with cinnamon icing (above), chocolate orange cupcakes (left) and gingerbread men (below).

I learnt how to use an icing bag and some cool different ways of icing. I love the funky icing technique where you separate two different colours. It looks awesome.

The simplest thing was learning how to do a rose. Instead of icing from the outside in, you go from the inside out. I've not quite perfected the technique in this photo but I'll get there with a bit of practice.

Even if you're an accomplished baker, I recommend a baking workshop to anyone if just for the luxury of not having to do any washing up and all your ingredients being brought to you!

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